About Us

North East Pest Management is a Tasmanian family owned and operated pest control business, offering our AFFORDABLE PEST CONTROL.

We enjoy what we do.

We have the confidence to eradicate those pesky insects from your home, sheds, caravans and even the clothesline.

So if you’re having a problem with ANY insects, even birds, rodent’s, bee’s & wasps. Give us a call.


Customer Reviews

'The ant infestation was getting out of control, I thought it was just in the area until I spoke with Malcolm from North East Pest Management. THIS guy knows his stuff and was very prompt, knowledgable and had them gone in no time! I highly recommend Malcolm to EVERYONE.'

J. Ranley - Bridport,TAS

'My fear of spiders is indescribable and this season had them coming out of everywhere until the chap from NE Pest saved me! I dont know what he did, but it worked and I can sleep comfortably again. Thankyou'

M. Shenton - St Helens, TAS